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quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the most driven, focused and energetic people I have seen. He is a pleasure to work around and a positive contribution to any environment. Brandon is an out of the box thinker, and will contribute in areas even out side his domain on his free time. A consummate team player, will drive the team initiative and help those around him.quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

David Elkington
CEO and Founder of InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon set records here at InsideSales.com, especially when it came to reaching out to new prospects and developing new business for us.

Brandon is an exceptional individual whom I value as a great friend. I have had the chance to travel with him to a couple of trade show events and work with him for several months and I am amazed at his high degree of energy in any situation, his trustworthiness, and his amazing knowledge of prospecting; especially with social media.

Brandon has my highest recommendations and I would be happy to talk specifically to anyone inquiring about Brandon and his strong capabilities. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

img_9412Ken Krogue
President and Founder of InsideSales.com and 
Forbes Columnist

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon really cares for his clients, team mates and people in general. This translates into super customer advocacy. 

His focus on doing the right thing also means that he is able to get better results than most in revenue, repeat business and loyalty. Combined with his social and internet marketing skills, Brandon is an asset where ever he applies himself. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Benoy Tamang
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at eFileCabinet

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon has no fear. We were all blown away at how quickly, even the first day, that Brandon started making sales. 

I started recruiting Brandon at the beginning of our growth stage early 2014. I’ve never seen a more loyal person who has tried so hard to keep positive and to be a positive influence to those around him. Brandon went through many iterations of our program. We went from about 10 to over forty in the department and he kept reinventing himself to keep up.

I would hire Brandon again and again because he never gives up, is willing to keep reinventing himself and is loyal to the bone. Overall a great person to have when you’re growing a team. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Brandon Nielsen, MBA
Director of Sales Operations at SwipeClock

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a man who exemplifies the finest in business; he is one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

His expertise on product knowledge and willingness to go out of his way to help a colleague is bar none. Brandon is a self starter and is relentless in reaching his goals. Brandon truly is a man of the highest integrity and I value his insight. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Eric M. Hagen
President and CEO at Monarch America Inc.

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a special combination of social media genius and cold-call workhorse. He also has the right personality for sales – friendly, outgoing, personable.

Could probably sell anything to anyone and everybody would feel good about the transaction.

He is a great employee and works well with everyone. I would highly recommend him in any sales or social media related assignment. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Leland Boardman
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I absolutely loved Brandon’s drive, passion, and energy. As a Business Development Representative he was unchallenged in his ability to find opportunity, qualify it, and get that lead in the right person’s hands.

His attention to detail was stellar and his commitment to excellent work, second to none. Brandon was tireless in his follow-up with the closing team to ensure his leads were actively in-play.

My only regret is that Brandon is not a Business Development Representative on the InsideSales.com team. I would actively endorse Brandon’s work performance and would actively seek to work with him again. I see Brandon as an asset wherever he lands. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Michael Critchfield
Executive Vice President (EVP) of Sales and Marketing at SilverVue

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon was a great asset to the team. He always had a positive attitude and could out-work anyone. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Ben D. Richards
Regional Sales Director at HireVue

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Working with Brandon has been such a great experience. Brandon is a networking expert and a sales genius. His contagious energy, motivation and innovative business ideas will create momentum within any organization.

Brandon not only works extremely hard but he works extremely smart. Brandon is very motivated and motivates all of those around him. He always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

michelle-tischner-sales-executive-brandon-is-a-networking-expert-and-a-sales-geniusMichelle Tischner
Oracle CX Field Sales

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I have never known Brandon to not have a positive attitude. In fact, he always seems excited and energetic to get to work. In our interactions, he has always been polite and happy.

 It is great to work with someone with that type of attitude since it can help turn any situation into a more pleasant one. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Thomas Purdy VP of Product Engineering and Founding Member of InsideSales.com Brandon Byrge brandonbyrgeThomas Purdy
Vice President (VP) of Product Engineering and Founding Member of InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon was a great asset to our sales team. He worked hard and was always striving to improve. He was great at taking feedback and always extremely positive while working.

Whenever new ideas or policies were imposed, Brandon would be the first sales rep to adopt. During training sessions brandon was always an active participant and would encourage other reps to become more involved.

Brandon is smart, friendly, hard working, positive, and loyal. Brandon will be a great asset wherever he works. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

RJ Tracy
Director of Corporate Sales at Domo

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the most effective business development and lead generation professionals i’ve worked with. He has a mastery of social media that has allowed him to excel in networking and relationship building across verticals.

His positive attitude is infectious and his presence inspired team unity. When his energy is focused on a project, the outcome is assured. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Brian McFadyen
Brian McFadyen
National Sales Manager

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon Byrge is one of the most positive and outgoing employees! He always had a smile on his face. He was a hard worker and one of the most proactive employees on the sales team. He knows how to utilize social media to sift through leads to find key clients.

Brandon really cares about taking care of his clients, resolving any concerns and moving them forward in the sales process. Brandon loves people and really cares about his clients, as well as everyone on the team. Brandon will be a great asset to any sales team! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Tracee Comstock
Vice President (VP) of People and Places at Weave HQ

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon surpassed all expectations in his positions. It is no surprise he was very successful within our sales department. He has the unique ability to think outside of the box which allowed him to find new ways to generate deals. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Matthew DuBois
Sales Leader at Cloudflare, Inc.

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 This coming March I turn 60 years old. In that time I have met numerous people. Many are on FaceBook with the title of Friend. Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. True friends are not the ones who are there when it’s convenient.

True friends are there when it’s not. I have observed that whoever becomes a friend of Brandon Byrge becomes a true friend. Brandon’s inclusive outreach to others and for others to me is inspiring. The numerous recommendation found on this site for Brandon attests to that.

I am a better person for knowing Brandon Byrge. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Paul Conterio
Corporate Presenter Trainer

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is an all-around great guy. He lifts and inspires those around him to do and be better! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Rourke Mace
Partner Recruiting Manager and Member of Mormon Tabernacle Choir

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is an extremely talented individual. He is pleasant to work with and a very hard worker.

He is fantastic at sales, especially software sales. He picks up new software information and quickly assimilates it into an effective sales pitch. I would definitely recommend Brandon! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Annemaria Duran
Marketing Director at HeathyExercize.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon has an outstanding work ethic. He is the person you want working with the clients if you wish for them to be lifetime customers.

I have worked with him and watched him go to bat and bleed for his clients needs. I wish I had a “Brandon” to work with at the places I do business with. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Todd Mosher
Sales Manager

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I have worked with Brandon at two different companies and the one thing that always stood out to me was his positive can-do attitude! 

He is such a positive force with everyone he comes in contact. He is also extremely hard working and creative in figuring out ways to do things faster and better. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Aaron Wilcox
Regional CPE Sales Executive at Frontier Communications

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 In the amount of time I have known Brandon as a colleague, I have come to greatly respect his amazing work ethic and sales abilities. His work ethic is very focused and results driven. Brandon knows how to plug into his routine every day, digs his heals in and convert leads opportunities to revenue through his sales funnel. He will make your company profitable.

Brandon is a guy that will go out of his way to make sure you’re getting what you need. Over and over I have seen him go above and beyond his “job description” to quickly assess his clients needs, identify their value drivers, and ultimately walking them through the process of matching our product/service as a solution to their business challenges.

Additionally, as a team player, he collaborates well and is willing to sacrifice his own interests to accomplish the company’s main objectives. Without reservation I would recommend Brandon to anyone as a valuable asset to help them accomplish many victories & successes. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Ted Turcsanski
RCM District Manager at AdvancedMD

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Working with Brandon has been nothing but a pleasure. He has a unique way of lifting the spirits of those around him, all while performing at the highest most professional level.

Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Brandon should consider it a privilege to be around someone with his character on a day to day basis. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Andrew King
Business Development Representative (BDR) at Proofpoint

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 My name is Angie Maynes and I am currently the Marketing Director at a Retirement Planning Firm. I worked with Brandon Byrge when I was employed with eFileCabinet in their marketing department while Brandon worked in the sales department.

During the time that I worked with Brandon I was extremely impressed with him for many reasons. Brandon was very competent at his job. He was able to excel at any task that he was given and met his goals and work expectations.

More than that though, Brandon is an incredible person. He was continually up- beat and positive no matter what was happening at the office or in his personal life. He went through some very heart breaking and challenging trials and all the while he didn’t let it affect his attitude or job performance.

Not only did Brandon remain positive but he also inspired those around him to be positive as well. He consistently complimented and encouraged his co-workers and lifted up everyone with whom he came into contact. He was a very positive influence to not only the sales team but also the whole company. 

I would highly recommend Brandon for any position. He is a hard worker and a great asset to have on any team. Please feel free to contact me if any additional information is needed. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Angie Maynes Marketing Director B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions BOSS Retirement Solutions brandon byrge brandonbyrge Professional Career Endorsement 1
Angie Maynes
Marketing Director at B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Personal connections are one of Brandon’s strengths. In a world of inch deep relationships, he strives for true understanding and real-world solutions.

He wisely leverages social media to expand his influence. A budding salesman with a bright future. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Thomas Oldroyd
Vice President (VP) of Marketing at Numetric

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon comes as a packaged deal, and it’s the best deal. Absolutely miraculous at generated pipelines with high closing ratios. Brandon, you excel at building and maintaining client relationships with the very best of them.

Brandon’s honesty and humor combined endear his audience, his friends and his family to him for one simple reason you cannot distinguish whether you are a part of his family or his profession.

I literally have filled out resumes with his companies just so that I could potentially work with him again. You get what you get with Brandon, and you’re always grateful afterwards. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Hugh Vail

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I’m very pleased to recommend Brandon for an opportunity with your organization. Brandon worked with our company and was a dedicated and successful sales representative during his time with us. While I’ve communicated with Brandon remotely via the phone, internet and email, I’ve gotten to know him as a reliable employee with excellent communications and sales skills. I have no doubt that he’ll continue to have outstanding results with your organization.

While I had the pleasure of working with Brandon in providing solutions for our clients, I learned how passionate he is about contributing to the overall success of a team. He is great at working independently and can produce high-level results with little supervision. I have no doubt that he will make an excellent addition to your team. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for your time. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Chad Schiffman, MHS Director of Compliance at Healthcare Compliance ProsChad Schiffman, MHS
Director of Compliance at Healthcare Compliance Pros

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon has great business intelligence. He is devoted to getting things done. He works well in collaborating ideas and always is willing to share new finds in sales that he has discovered.

He brings a liveliness to our organization and has created many new forms of prospecting within our company. Straightforward, he brings positive enhancement to his work environment! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

David Warren

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 When I think of someone with a positive attitude I think of Brandon Byrge. He never gets down and he never slows down. To Brandon the thought is always “I will”, never “I can’t”. He brings that positive attitude into the workplace and it’s infectious. 

He makes people around him better. I really enjoyed working with Brandon. He’s a go-getter, he’s creative in his pursuit of the sale, and he produces. I strongly recommend him. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Dave Boardman
CEO Founder of DEVCO Foods Holdings LLC

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon was a great shot in the arm for our sales team. He has an incredible ability to build rapport with anyone he comes in contact with. He is one of the most pleasant people that you will ever associate with. He utilizes that ability masterfully.

As a customer facing employee, his interactions are all about building a strong relationship. Some employees miss this and are purely transactional. Brandon makes his customers his top priority and they know it. He also uses his rapport building ability internally. He has become a glue of sorts for the sales team and facilitates a team atmosphere.

With all of his ability, he is also very trainable. He takes direction very well and is always striving to be better at what he does. I have seen him take time every day to develop himself to be a more effective employee. I would work with Brandon again in a heartbeat. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Steven Foster
Senior Professional Services Manager at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a top notch player when it comes to B2B sales. He is a great resource for a growing company that wants to continue to grow. 

There are few people that have the skill set of being able to adapt to different verticals of technology and sell the B2B platform to each of their needs. He is one of the best B2B players in the field at this time. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Catherine Montgomery 
Owner at CHM Recruiting

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon’s energy is contagious literally! He has so much energy and passion for everything. He works hard to accomplish his goals and he’s a type of person you just want to be around.

Don’t stand still too long because Brandon will pass you and then you’ll have a hard time keeping up. He simply tries to do his best and it shows. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Joshua Varney
Director of Product Operations at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a jJedi Master of social media. I have been very impressed with his cutting edge knowledge in the area and his ability to connect with people.

He is very likable and it is obvious he always does his very best in whatever he is doing. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Josh Krogue

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a very talented and positive person. I first met him when we were in the same onboarding class at InsideSales.com.

He was helpful and had a great attitude the whole time! Brandon is also a pro at knowing how to promote and share through social media, while also finding interesting and relevant articles that relate to his own or other’s work.

On top of it all, Brandon has shown to be a great blogger after he wrote a three part series for the company blog that had some of the highest views we’ve seen. I have no doubt that whatever Brandon does he will be successful. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Jessica Allen Winn
Writer Author

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 The legendary Brandon Byrge… Brandon is a perpetually nice, grateful, and energetic person. I have had the opportunity to watch him learn and grow within the company and he has exceeded all expectations of his peers and managers.

He performs at a high level and will go to any length to not only get the job done and go the extra mile… but go an extra ten miles while he’s at it.

I can tell he really makes each of his individual customers as satisfied as possible. I imagine him going very far with his ‘go get ’em’ attitude and work ethic combined with his extraordinary people skills.

A family man, a friend to everyone, and someone that will make you feel like you’re actually funny…. I hope to work with Brandon for a long time and consider anyone that works with or around him to be very lucky. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Scott GardnerScott Gardner
Corporate Sales Manager, EMEA at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon has successfully brought a positive outlook to the sales team with his cheerful and willing attitude.

Brandon’s insight in to contacting and selling through social media has helped shaped the way we design our products.

I highly recommend Brandon as an innovative and effective Account Executive, as well as an asset to any company. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Mark Littlefield Recommendation of Brandon Dean ByrgeMark Littlefield
Senior Principal Products Manager

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Oh how I miss Brandon’s leads. When Brandon was a Business dev rep, not only did he bring in the most hot leads, but they were quality and the customer was extremely educated and prepared for our sales process.

Brandon was so successful at this because he truly understands the sales cycle from beginning to end. I fully recommend Brandon for any sales and/or sales management position. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Cody Bawden
Sales Consultant

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon’s drive and energy is unmatched by those around him. When given a task Brandon goes the extra mile to get it done.

When faced with a challenge Brandon thinks outside of the box for ways to improve it and figures out different ways to get the task done with greater results. No matter the challenge that is given to Brandon he will find a way to get it done.

Not only is Brandon dedicated to the job, but he is dedicated to his friends as well. If you ever need his help for something outside of work he will do everything in his power to drop everything he is doing to come help you. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Ben Schauerhamer
Salesforce.com Architect, Developer and Administrator, and Salesforce User Group Leader

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is always willing to help you achieve your sales goals. He will step up to his goals and if he fails, he learns from his mistakes and pushes forward. No matter where he works, he will succeed! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Chris Cannon
CEO Colours of the Future

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon was one of the most enjoyable and fun loving person I’ve ever worked with!! He was a dedicated and hard worker and clients loved him.

It was a pleasure having him on the same team with me. He is and will be an Awesome Asset to any team!! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Troy Fullmer
Business to Business (B2B) SaaS Sales Expert at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 You can always count on Brandon to put a smile on your face. He is an expert in his job and always seems to have a fun time with working in those responsibilities.

Everyone in the office loves having Brandon around, especially when his happy demeanor is the perfect thing to help break up a monotonous work day.

Ultimately, I see Brandon not only as a genius in social media, but also as a good man in general. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Shawn Carl Watkins
Sales Professional at Proofpoint

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I highly recommend Brandon for any endeavor he may undertake. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Daniel Armstrong
Managing Partner at Armstrong & Company, PC

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 While working with Brandon I have come to know him as a team player who goes beyond the call of duty.

When I first started with InsideSales.com Brandon went out of his way to bring me to speed. I am grateful for the advice and leadership he has provided me, and consider him to be a great asset to our organization. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4


Paul Fischer
Salesforce Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a perpetually upbeat hard worker. In the short time we were able to work together, I not only saw him constantly succeed in his position, but also saw how easily he improved the atmosphere around those he worked with. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Alec Erickson
Sales Development Leader | Inbound Response Specialist | SaaS Professional

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is an incredible asset to any sales team because of the positive energy that he brings with him wherever he goes.

He is always complimenting others and even during a slow sales month he maintains a great attitude and keeps the team excited and hungry to close more.

I respect Brandon a lot and he is one of the most proactive employees I have ever seen. He will not give up no matter what the challenge. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

brad-pearson-2 Brad Pearson
Director of Sales at EMPATHIQ

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon Byrge is one of the most likable and friendly colleagues I’ve ever had the privilege of work with.

He always went out of his way to ask everyone in the office how they were doing. He combined this with an amazing sense of gratitude. He made sure to thank anyone who worked with him, for doing their part of the project.

Brandon always worked hard to make our clients feel that he cared about them. He would be an great asset to any company. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Scott Jackson
Financial Analyst at Epic

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is the kind of person you want on your team. He has a positive energy that is contagious and will change any team for the better.

Brandon hits the ground running and keeps an extraordinary work ethic through good times and tough times. It has been a pleasure working with Brandon! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Dustin Fuller
Talent Acceleration Director at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon was an absolute delight to work with. His positive attitude and happy demeanor in all situations is infectious. He’s the perfect team player and an asset to any company. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Bryan Larsen
Revenue Manager at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the hardest workers I know! He is extremely dedicated in completing any task that is put before him.

He inspires those around him with his positive attitude and his unbelievable work ethic. He works extremely well with others, and he strives to build relationships as he works gets the job done.

I am confident that Brandon can excel in any role and in any company. He goes above and beyond what is required at him at all times. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Kenneth Latimer
Product Marketing Manager at Nu Skin Enterprises

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon Byrge was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. From the first day he started working with me, he was firing on all cylinders. Brandon is always upbeat and will never let you down. He has an energy that lasts longer than the energizer bunny.

Every week he would send out motivating quotes to keep us working hard. He puts a lot of time into his work and is very dedicated. I would recommend Brandon to any job because I know he would deliver the most success and do his best at his responsibilities. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Mick McAllister
Solutions Consultant and Sales Engineer

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon brought a great energy to our office. He is always upbeat and made the day a little brighter.

He was always willing to help solve problems and work with the Implementation team in making a great customer experience. He will be missed at InsideSales.com and any company would be lucky to have him. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Ian Lawson
Solutions Consultant Manager at InsideSales.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the hardest working, go-getter, enthusiastic individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

His positive attitude is infectious to the rest of the team and is able to translate that into results.

His experience as a sales and technology professional is rivaled by few and is a major asset to any team he is a part of. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Steele Saldutti
General Manager and Bassist at VanLadyLove

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I don’t know of anyone I’ve ever worked with who has more energy and positive vibes oozing from them than this beacon of sunshine of a man! He is consistently the first and last to leave every day- not satisfied if his sales team is short on their goals- and always there to tutor and train when anyone needs help. I would recommend him anytime- we are working together now partly from my strong recommendation, and partly from his proven track record in sales and team management.

Brandon brings the sunshine and excitement to any sales team. Never a complainer- always a “doer”. You could easily work a decade without finding someone as dedicated and focused on meeting and exceeding goals. Ever since I’ve known him he’s always been a top performer. I strongly recommend Brandon Byrge, MMA champ and Sales Executivequotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Mark J Gaudette
Enterprise Account Manager at Dell Technologies

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the hardest working employees I’ve ever worked with. He’s known throughout the company as someone who can roll up his sleeves and work until the project is done. He has excelled in many aspects of his sales career here at InsideSales.com.

On top of being a go-getter, I can honestly say that Brandon is the nicest guy I’ve ever had privilege of working with. He’s polite and thoughtful. He has a contagious smile and a knack for brightening up everyone’s day around him. There’s no one he doesn’t invite into his circle of friendship and he does so very effectively through his genuine concern for others and his witty humor. I consider Brandon a true friend and valuable colleague. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Darin Dixon
Inside Sales Representative III

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 There are few individuals with the talent and drive that Brandon has. He is a hard working and fun individual. He would strive in any environment. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Greg Woods
President of Sales and Marketing

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon has a great sense of understanding a client’s needs. I respect his work ethic knowing that I can trust Brandon to get the job done right.

I’m impressed with his dedication and loyalty to his work. I recommend Brandon for any position he chooses to pursue because I know failure is not an option. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Lea Burr
Executive Assistant Office Manager at Torch LMS

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 There is a lot to say about Brandon. I find him to be passionate, a born leader, honest, caring, a winner. And what I like most, a family oriented man. I would hire/ recommend him to anybody that wants a top 1% kind of person. Will be successful at anything he does. If you have Brandon on your team then you have a champion. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Dustin Brown
Digital Marketing Consultant | DMP | Marketing Automation

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is an outstanding salesman that I can highly recommend. He was part of a very successful and dedicated sales team with virtually no turnover. He will be a great asset to any sales organization! quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Leah Young
Leah Young, SPHR
Human Resources (HR) Director at NorthStar Alarm Services

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon Byrge was an excellent Sales Professional and Manager that I had the pleasure of working with at HIT. He has an infectiously positive attitude that lifts up everyone around him. I truely enjoyed working with him and learned a lot about what it takes to become a sales professional from him.

If I ever had it assemble a sales team… I would be lucky to find people with half the drive and positive attitude that Brandon has. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Regan Hackett
Emerging Technology Consultant II at AT&T Corporate

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is not your average sales guy. Just listening to him speak with his customers and you begin to understand that he has taken the time to learn and hone the necessary skills to become an expert for his customers.

He is very good at articulating complex technical data into simple language for his customers, and at the same time he is a people person. He simply understands how to communicates with people most effectively. My recommendation is that if you are looking for someone who is proactive and willing to do the difficult things to be successful, Brandon should be on the top of your list. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Semisi Brown
Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sales Operations at Protocol

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one of the most up beat co-workers I’ve had the pleasure working with. He always showed up to work ready to give 110% and motivate everyone around him.

Brandon’s positive attitude allows him to persevere in even the toughest of times. Any company would be smart to hire him as he is a true leader. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Rob Bonham
SMB SEO and Online Marketing Consultant

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a solution based sales manager. He demonstrated his abilities to navigate customer concerns and needs and match products and resources appropriately.

He is goal oriented and hard working, embodying characteristics of a true sales professional. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Jeff Hanks
Senior Account Executive

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a man of integrity. He cared about the product he would sell and he cared about the team he worked with.

The sales team was a better team because of Brandon. I was always impressed with his attitude. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Matthew Cronkhite
Lead Developer at Lodgable and Blue Earth Nutrition

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is knowledgeable, has a great rapport with customers, and represents any company he works for wonderfully with professionalism, detail, and dedication. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Bryce Turpin
Marketing Analyst at Scout50.com

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is one hard working, dedicated individual. He brings a tremendous amount energy and motivation to the team. He is the first person to show up and the last to leave. Brandon helped me time and time again to hit my goals, as well as helping everyone else. He is a fantastic person with a rock solid work ethic. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Ryan Voorhis
Director of Customer Success at Grow, Inc.

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon worked hard for his customers and even harder for HIT. His work ethic is only matched by willingness to build and support the team. I would recommend Brandon for sales in any call center environment. Especially one that values ethical sales. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Giles Witherspoon-Boyd
Founder at Protocol

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I would recommend Brandon as his work ethic is exemplary. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

James Attanasio
Tier 3 Client Escalations Specialist

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I worked directly with Brandon at Qwest Communications for more than a year. Brandon was a top performer and someone who was counted on within our organization to provide solid and consistent leadership for the entire sales organization.

Not only was Brandon extremely effective at both meeting and exceeding expectations but he was a product expert who was able to provide critical and important assistance to other team members. Brandon works well with customers and colleagues and is a dedicated and self motivated sales professional who helps make everyone around him better. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Alan Reese Sales
Alan Reese
Federal Sales at Blue Coat Systems

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Working with Brandon was an absolute delight. He proved to be an excellent salesman and has a wonderful attitude. I would work again with Brandon any day. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Rex Pinnell
Absolute Air at Absolute Air

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 Brandon is a hard worker. He always does extra things to secure the sale and make sure the customer is satisfied.

Always thinking of ways to improve his personal selling skills, Brandon is always learning and teaching others of the things he has learned. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

FrankFrank Platt
General Sales Manager

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I worked with Brandon at Qwest. He was always great with customers and was very successful. Brandon is a fun guy who will work hard and produce great results.

He has a talent for making the work place a fun environment. Based on my experience working with him I would strongly recommend Brandon. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Tom Jager
Territory Manager at Hewlett-Packard

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I was a President’s Club honoree, and observed Brandon performed strongly as a sales consultant at Qwest Communications. He also showed leadership abilities in earning the trust of colleagues and management through evidence of competence and character.

Brandon is a pleasant and down to earth individual that makes working with him a pleasure. Based on my experience, he’d be an asset for any organization. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

James Howard
Program Manager and Project Manager, MBA, PMP

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I had the opportunity to work with Brandon Byrge for two years in the Scouting Program. As the Scoutmaster of the Spanish Speaking Branch, he constantly showed not only patience and compassion while working with those young men, but demonstrated management skills enabling us to achieve our goals while building in the boys the needed feeling of self-worth for their accomplishments.

When I was called to work with Brandon in the capacity of Committee Chairman, I soon learned that he was someone I could always depend on. I never had to worry about his part of the responsibility being accomplished; he always did more than his share and made me feel good about the support I was giving him. I would highly recommend Brandon for any position requiring dependability and responsibility.

He has the good judgment and skills to make the proper decisions in sometimes difficult situations. I would gladly work with Brandon again in whatever capacity. He has my full endorsement for whatever undertaking he attempts in the future. He has the drive and character necessary for success, and would certainly be of benefit to any organization. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

JackJack Lauritzen
Assistant Scout Leader with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) | Retired from Government

quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-12 I have know Brandon Byrge for over ten years. We met as we worked together as missionaries for the LDS Church in Chicago, Illinois. Brandon proved himself there as a hard working, consistent, diligent, and honest worker.

He got along very well with his fellow-missionaries and with all the people he worked among in Chicago. He was well liked and respected as he gained the skills necessary to be effective and applied those skills seven days a week in his missionary service over a two year period. Since then I have seen Brandon as a husband and father who works hard to provide for his family and seeks to give them the best life has to offer them. He is a very loving husband and father.

I have no qualms about giving Brandon my complete vote of confidence and my highest recommendation. I know that wherever he works, he will work hard and be loyal and honest with his employer. I would be happy to speak to a potential employer about my recommendations for Brandon. quotations-testimonial-endorsement-reference-career-professional-salesman-and-professional-marketer-4

Gordon B Holbrook Gordon Holbrook LDS Mission President Missionary Brandon Byrge brandon dean byrgeGordon B. Holbrook
Mission President and Associate Director of Ogden LDS Institute

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