Circle of Influence and Social Media

imagesI am a HUGE subscriber to the theory of creating and maintaining a “Circle of Influence” also known as “Sphere of Influence”.

Basically speaking, these terms are referring to the people you know and/or influence. This would obviously include your family, friends, and neighbors and could also include people like members of your church congregation or school class, team mates, fellow volunteer workers, old college buddies, members of your same special interest groups, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on but really what it all boils down to is simply a list of names of the individuals that you personally know or have known in the past. Now lets get into Social Media…

I am sure that by now you are all very well aware of the EXPLOSION of Social Media! Social Media has quickly grown into The Next Big Thing! Did you know that there are now more than 800 Million Active Facebook Users..? That is 10% of the planet earth! And this includes all countries, cities, and regions found upon this great green planet! This includes third world countries and very rural locations where the residents do not have access to electricity or computers! 10% of the earth…Wow!

With these statistics to backing Social Media, there is little or no room for doubt that Social Media has opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities for creating and maintaining your Personal or Business Circle/Sphere of Influence! With this rapid expansion, our reach has suddenly grown exponentially, giving us the incredible ability to…

  1. Keep in contact with our current Circle/Sphere of Influence on a much more consistent basis
  2. It has given us an incredibly far reaching ability wherein we can find, and create new relationships as we meet new people with similar interests!

circle_peopleWhether you work in the Business world or not, Social Media will provide you with several benefits that will greatly enhance your Circle/Sphere of Influence and you will have a lot of fun in the process! Social Media can also be very fun and for many individuals it has even become a hobby! You will find a vast range of benefits as you start to immerse yourself into Social Media! If implemented correctly and consistently, Social Media will help your Business immensely! It will help your Business to grow, help you make more sales, keep your customers up to date, and also help you to keep a lot more customers once they are on board with your Company! On the other hand, if you are utilizing Social Media for Personal use, think of how fun it will be to communicate with your family on a much more frequent basis, to get back in touch with old friends from your past, and also to meet new people with similar interests and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with them! There is no where else in the world quite like Social Media! Implement it! Utilize it! Enjoy it!

My Challenge to You

If you read this post, then I challenge you personally to set up a new Social Media Profile today! Today is the day for change! Do it now!

“I already have a Social Media Account you say..?” Well if you already have one set up another one! If you already have several, set up another one! I know you don’t have a profile on every Social Media Platform because there are literally hundreds available, the majority of which are free! With the vast variety of Social Media Platforms available, you can easily find one that you like, and most likely find one that is dedicated to people with your same hobbies or interests!

For example, if you enjoy Photography then you may want to sign up for one of the following…

 If you are into Mixed Martial Arts then you might want a profile with…

 Not into Photography of MMA..?

        No problem! Check out the following list of Social Media Platforms that may be of interest to you…

And REMEMBER… Sign up for at least 1 Social Media Platform today!

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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