My Top 10 Techniques for LinkedIn


1) One of the first techniques I would recommend has to do with traffic to your profile based on placement on LinkedIn and Google! Under your “Professional Headline” (On your profile editing page next to your profile picture) include your full name as part of your headline! For example, if you take a quick look at my headline you will see the following…

Brandon Byrge is an Inside Sales Certification & Consulting Account Executive

I have included my headline, my title, what I do and offer, and I have also included my name “Brandon Byrge”. To implement this technique your 1st step would be to compute a benchmark of your current placement when your name is searched on both LinkedIn and Google. 2nd, update your “Professional Headline” to include your name, your title, and what you offer. Lastly, perform a new search of your name on LinkedIn and Google and note any improvement in placement. This technique has greatly improved my profiles ranking and placement! (Side Note: It is possible that your placement will improve  quickly however it is also a possibility that this change will not take effect until a month or more later. Do it now! In a month you will be glad you did! Also, please contact me with your results! I would to hear how this particular technique works for you.)

2) If you are looking to connect with a specific LinkedIn user and upon attempting to “Connect” you are asked for their email address, check out the LinkedIn Groups that individual is a member of and join that same group. After you become a member of the same group as that person the next time you try to connect with them, you can simply select the option that shows you are both members of the same group and you will no longer be asked to submit their email address! Pretty cool!

3) Another very helpful tool on LinkedIn can be found under any of your connections profiles under the section titled “Contact Information” (You will see it on the right hand side of your screen below your connection’s activity and above your connection’s list of connections. (Side Note: You are only able to access this option is if the profile you are looking at is your 1st Connection)

Under the Contact Information you will find the following two options…

  1. Tags:” Here you are able to create keywords, or groups to designate your connections from each other which allows you to keep your list better organized.
  2. Notes:” This option is awesome! I use this area as my personal database as it allows me to keep notes and information about each of my connections. For example, the Notes section under one of my connections displays the following…

SEPTEMBER 1st 2011:
Met Jill at Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco, CA. She works in Sales at Adobe and she has been there for about 7 years. She is very outgoing and she will be a good resource for blogging techniques. Jill has also known Ken Krogue for several years.

SEPTEMBER 7th 2011:
Connected with Jill on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter

NOVEMBER 14th 2011:
Called and spoke with Jill via telephone and shared an article from c|net about Blogging Techniques. I then asked Jill a handful of questions  regarding Blogging, and she was very nice, and extremely helpful! Jill is a great connection!

NOVEMBER 15th 2011:
Mailed a Thank You Card to Jill for her time and her help on Blogging. 

I invite you to start utilizing these two sections as you make contact with your connections. I think you will enjoy them and find them to be very effective tools!

4) Take full advantage of LinkedIn’sGroup Discussions” that are constantly taking place on the ever increasing list of “LinkedIn’s Groups”. There is such a wide variety of “Groups” available that you will most likely be able to find something in your industry. In the Group Discussions you are not allowed to directly market your products and services but it is a really great place to communicate with others and keep up on all of the conversations taking place within your specific Industry, your Company, amongst your Colleagues, your Competition and even amongst your potential clients! Establish yourself as a resource in these discussions! Be helpful and freely provide valuable information, answer questions and share ideas, and you will find that you can quickly become recognized as a helpful, valuable resource in your arena and even possibly be looked at as an expert in your field! At this point you will have Group Members coming to you with questions and seeking help or advice at which point you may have a potential client, a possible referral for a connection in another industry (which helps them and makes you feel good). The cherry on top is the occasional referral they send your way because you did the same for them! This is a great way to establish and build up your personal reputation and you will be able to carry that reputation with you throughout your career!

5) I also recommend subscribing to “Group Digest Emails“. This way you can keep up on what discussions are taking place in your Groups even while you are on the run or too busy to login to your profile. am on the run. When a topic or comment is of interest to me, I login and get involved in the discussion.. If the discussion does not entice me I simply delete the email and wait for the next email update from my groups. This is a great technique that will greatly enhance your ability to keep on top of your Groups, Group Members, and other updates.

6) Subscribe to “New Connection Updates” so that every time a new connection is created on your LinkedIn Profile you will receive an email. I recommend typing up a few different messages that introduce yourself to your new connections, describe a little bit about yourself, your company, your product or service. Also be sure to give your new connection a quick overview of the value that you bring to the table! Make sure to take the few extra seconds it takes to view your new connection’s profile so that you can include something specific that you saw on their profile. This has proven very powerful! Some examples may be something like the following…

I saw that you are amongst the University of Utah Alumni! I am also a Ute! You should definitely check out our College’s Alumni Group here on LinkedIn located at…

I have heard nothing but great thing about your company! Do you know a Mike Walker that works there? Let me know, he is a very good friend of mine! I am very excited to collaborate with you!

A connection is really just a number on a screen unless you are able to establish the ways in which you can be of benefit and value to each other! Work with your connections, share with them, provide value, and in turn they will reciprocate and become a great resource for you as well! It is a Win-Win Scenario & it can be a very synergistic process!

7) Customize your Home Screen Updates Feed and add your Groups, your company, your co-workers, colleagues, industry peers, and even your competition so that rather than seeing random information about how one of your connections that you don’t even know updated their profile picture you are instead seeing updates within your industry, your company, etc. Make sure that the information you are constantly viewing has value and will be of benefit to you!

8) Another technique that I have personally found to be of benefit is the ability to add several “new” sections from a myriad of options! Search through the several sections to find the options that most interests you, then try them out and see how you like them. You can always delete or change them in the future. I periodically add in new sections to test out their functions and benefits. If they are helpful I keep them, if not I delete them. No matter what sections you are working with make sure to include keywords for yourself, your company, industry, product or service, etc. For example if you are a Real Estate Professional you may want to think about  including words like… “Selling”, “Buying”, “Sell”, “Buy”, “Home”, “House”, “Listing Agent”, “Buying Agent”, etc.

9) Another technique I love is the option to easily “Export Connections” to a CSV file for your own personal records. I created a simple Google Drive Document/Excel Document with a list of the major Social Media Platforms that I use so that I can see which of my LinkedIn Connections are on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. I then put a check mark next to each name under each Social Media Platform they are a member of. The reason this technique has proven so important and so effective is based on a principle that is taught by the President & Co-Founder of Ken Krogue. The principle is that it will usually take about 5 touches or impressions with someone before they will think of you on their own and remember who you are. After 5 impressions you are established as an actual contact in their mind. If you invite, connect with, friend, circle, your LinkedIn contacts, you will have the opportunity to make a lot more impressions and do so a lot faster!

10) The last technique I would place on My Top 10 Techniques for LinkedIn is…
LinkedIn’s Signal”! Signal allows you to view posts from your “2nd Connections” & “3rd Connections” along with the ability to see updates by filtering any of the following… “Company”, Location”, “Industry”, “Time”, “School”, “Group”, “Topics”, “Seniority”, and “Update Type”! What a great tool! You can really pin point and drill down in on certain topics and keywords by utilizing this technique!

I truly hope that My Top 10 Techniques for LinkedIn will be of some benefit to those of you who read this post! Also, I am always interested in hearing about others results, thoughts, ideas, etc. Please contact me if you have anything for me! Thank you very much and best of luck in the awesome world of!

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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