5 Incredible Principles I Learned From My Father

Mamar and Pops 280 - Copy During our childhood years, little did my older brother, Bryan and I know that the many lessons and stories our father was constantly sharing with us and teaching us was all done for our own benefit!

As children, we had no clue that these principles and lessons would eventually become guiding principles in our lives!

Principles that would greatly enhance not only our selling ability, but they would also deeply enrich all areas of our lives and our families lives!

I wanted to share a few of these principles here…


1) What you “DO” in life is not nearly as important as “How Well You Do” what you do…

My father constantly affirmed and re-affirmed the fact that he would love me and support me no matter what I decided to do in my life and he would often tell me that “WHAT” I decided to do in my life was important but not nearly as important as “HOW” I did it! He would often say…

Son, It does not matter what you decide to do that is important, the important thing is how well you do it!

What matters is that you do it to the very best of your ability! It is ALL about being the very best YOU can possibly be! It’s about giving it your ALL! It’s about working harder, being smarter, and dedicating yourself to being the very best that you can possibly be!

That my son, is where you will find high levels of success and true happiness!

He would also make statements like…

Son, if you decide you want to be a Salesman, then go out there and be the very best Salesman you can possibly be! Be the best Salesman your Boss, your Colleagues, and your Competition has ever seen! But mainly be the very best for YOU!

Son, if you decide you want to be a Janitor, then you go out there and be the very best Janitor you can possibly be! Make sure your floors shine brighter, sparkle more, and are cleaner than any and all other floors! Make sure you do such a job that when people walk in your bathrooms they notice, they stop for a minute, and then they make a comment on how clean your floors are! But do your absolute best for YOU!

Another example is…

Son, if you decide you want to be a Landscaper, then you go out there and be the very best landscaper you can possibly be! Make sure your projects have greener lawns, brighter flowers and a better landscape than any other landscaping job! Do your work so well that people driving by stop their cars to get out and admire your work! Always do your very best for YOU!

My father would make similar statements about being the very best… Teacher, Accountant, Dentist, Journalist, Technician, Designer, Builder, Painter, Public Speaker, Volunteer Worker, Computer Technician, Actor, Baseball Player, Boxer, Construction Worker, Professor, Talk Show Host, etc., etc., etc.!

The WHAT does not matter

He would say…

It is ALL about the HOW! HOW well you do the WHAT!

This is definitely one of the most important lessons my father has ever taught me for it is by following this principle, that I have found true happiness and success through out my life and through out my career! I have not done a perfect job by any means but I can honestly say that thanks to my father and this principle I have always worked harder, been more dedicated, pushed harder, and done more than I would have ever done on my own!


2) YOU can accomplish ANYTHING you Set Your Mind to…

???????????????Wow! This one is HUGE and it has blessed my life immensely! Believing and following this principle has always pushed me to the next level! Here are a few examples of what I gained from following this advice so graciously provided to me by my father…

Example # 1) Even though I had never before gone ice skating or played hockey I somehow decided to become a Hockey player my senior year in High School. Well, thanks to my Pops and this principle, I set my mind on being a hockey player and in-spite of my lack of talent and experience I somehow made the team, and not only that, but I somehow manged to secure myself a spot on the starting line up! When I saw my name on the roster, and line up I thought of my father’s words…“YOU can ACCOMPLISH anything you Set Your Mind to

Example # 2) Shortly after my 24th birthday my father, brother and I found ourselves in a crowded arena watching cage fights. Even though I did not have an extensive background in fighting or Mixed Martial Arts, I somehow decided that night that I was going to become a Professional Fighter and compete on the highest level of competition my state had to offer! I pictured myself in my mind fighting in a cage in front of a large audience like the one we were sitting in.

Well, trusting in my father’s words (“YOU can accomplish anything you set your mind to”) paid off for me again!

A short 2 years later I found myself not only competing in a Professional Bout but I had someone fought my way to the Mixed Martial Arts – Light Heavy Weight – State of Utah Title “Fight” ! As I was standing there across from my opponent it hit me hard… I was standing in the exact same cage, and inside of the exact same arena where 2 years earlier my father, brother, and I were sitting when I made the decision to set my mind on becoming a successful, Professional, MMA Fighter, competing on the highest level of competition my state had to offer, in front of a large audience, just like this!

Well I made it! Here I was standing face to face with what I had set my mind to accomplishing! What added more to my personal confirmation of this principle was when the fight had ended and the fight promoter was handing me a shiny trophy and Utah’s Light Heavy Weight MMA Title!

Wow…” I thought to myself… “My father was not joking! This is Real! Setting your mind on what you want really, truly can get you there!

Believing in this principle literally changed my life! These are just a couple of several confirmations I have received of the truthfulness of this principle!


3) Never Cheat & Never Lie… No Matter What…

No matter what the situation, whether you are in front of 10,000 people or you are all by yourself, whether you think it would favor your outcome in a specific scenario or not, don’t ever lie and don’t ever cheat! Don’t lie to your Family, Friends, Neighbors, not even an enemy but most importantly always Be True to Yourself!

My father taught this concept mainly through his awesome example of honesty! I remember one experience in particular when as a child I took a magazine from the store without paying for it. Well I knew I was in for it when my father got home from work that night! When he finally made it home he asked me to go get the magazine, he then took me by the hand, and walked me back to the convenient store (up the street from our house) and had me explain to the store manager what I had done and he also had me apologize for having taken the magazine. In my mind at the time I thought “Oh great, my own dad is going to send me to jail” . Little did I know that I would grow to love and cherish this experience and value this lesson above almost all others in my life! Thank you so much for teaching me this principle with your example of honesty!



4) Be at least 30 minutes to 1 hour Early everywhere you go… No Matter What…

Whether you are going to school, driving to your office, meeting with a customer, going to an interview, going to a meeting or seminar, or going to church, it does not matter, YOU make sure you are there, and ready at least 30 minutes to 1 hour early! Do not be late!

Following this one paid off for me at least 10 times over!

5) As you Learn and Progress in Sales, you also Learn and Progress in Life…

This is one of the lessons that I most value! This has blessed my life more than I could possibly describe in words! My father would often say…

Son, EVERYTHING in Life is Sales…

Name something that you set out to accomplish in your life that does not require you to sell!

Think about it, you meet a cute girl and you want to ask her out on a date, don’t you have to sell her on the reasons she should go out with you?

How about applying for a job? Do you not have to sell that Company on why they should hire you and not the other applicants?

What if you want to watch a certain TV program and your brother would prefer watching a different one. Wouldn’t knowing how to sell increase your odds of being able to watch the program you like?

What about when you are going out with you friends and you are all trying to decide what restaurant to eat at? Do you think that Sales would come in handy if you were trying to convince your friends how great your restaurant of choice is?

Bottom Line is this… LIFE = SALES & SALES = LIFE! Always remember that Son!

Closing Statement…
Even though I am nowhere near perfect in any of these areas, my constant attempts to follow and improve in these areas has deeply enriched my life, made me a lot happier, driven me to be a better person and a better salesman, and it has even pushed me to accomplish a great deal more than I would have ever imagined possible!

I am forever indebted to my father for these and many, many other lessons that he so lovingly taught me throughout my life! My father and the lessons he has taught me have blessed my life more than I could ever describe!

Thank you so much Pops for taking the time to teach me such valuable lessons! I continuously strive to follow your example and I am doing all I can to pass these same lessons on to my children! I hope I can do ½ the job you did with me! I know it will bless them through out their lives no matter what they decide to pursue!

I love you Pops! You are My Hero, My Mentor, and My Best Friend! I will always deeply cherish and value what you have taught me to see and understand! Thank you so much Pops! You are the man!

Brandon D. Byrge

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  1. Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice thought, piece of writing is fastidious, thats why i have read
    it entirely


  2. I cried when I read this. I love Johnny so much. He taught me about strength.


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