How to Avoid Losing a Sale: 5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes (Part 1)

Part #1

(Three Part article as featured on the Insider Sales Blog – Part II and Part III)

As a sales professional for over 15 years, I’ve seen a number of reasons why sales reps lose easy sales! Whether you’re a rookie in the profession or a veteran, every sales rep should review these tips to ensure you aren’t missing any easy sales.

5 Reasons Why Inside Sales Reps Lose Easy Sales - Inside Sales TipsReason #1: The main reason why a sales rep loses a sale is simply because they don’t ask for the sale.

I’ve worked with different companies, across different industries, selling everything from shelving space in grocery stores, to communication devices, real estate, loans, websites, and professional services. The number 1 reason I have seen sales reps lose a sale is simple: They don’t ask for it!

Over and over again, I have seen very talented sales professionals who are able to:

  • Smoothly work their way past gatekeepers and get to the decision makers
  • Skillfully introduce themselves and their product/service
  • Masterfully pitch their product demonstrating its value to that prospects specific need
  • Tactfully guide their prospect through any and all objections, removing all barriers that stand in the way of the sale

Then what? They are missing the most important step, the close.

If you are not sure how to close I would highly recommended inviting the top revenue producing sales rep in your office to lunch (your treat) and have a list of questions prepared to ask them. Learn from the best! Ask them to give you 5-10 close examples they use that work.

Reason #2: Sales reps often fail in contacting leads in a timely manner.

I always assumed that contacting leads quickly was important but I had no idea how deeply vital this technique really was until I read the results of the “Lead Response Management Study”.

This study has recently been highlighted by Forbes, HBR, and Inc. Magazine.

The results of this study have proven revolutionary to the inside sales industry, specifically inbound leads. The study proves the following: the odds of contacting a lead if called within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 100 times and the odds of qualifying a lead within the same parameters drops 21 times.

If you aren’t currently utilizing this best practice within your sales operation, I challenge you to try it out! You will be shocked by how many people answer the phone if you call them within five minutes of submitting their lead.

-Brandon D. Byrge

Featured on the Sales Insider Blog… How to Avoid Losing a Sale: 5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes (Part 1)

For Reasons 3 to 5, read Part I and Part II

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