4 Minute Mile

Roger Bannister 4 Minute MileIn the year 1954, Everyone involved in the World of Athletics agreed that it was not humanly possible to run a 4 minute (to run 1 mile or 1,760 yards in under 4 minutes). Running Coaches, Olympic Trainers, Athletic Doctors, Radio Broadcasters, Sports Experts, and even the Athletes themselves knew this was an absolutely impossible feat and they accepted as a fact that human body was not capable of running that fast… “Everyone” that is, except for a man by the name of Roger Bannister!!

On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister shocked the entire World and proved possible that which just moments before was considered to be an (im)possible feat, by running a mile in 3 Minutes 59.4 Seconds!!  Shortly after this history changing event, several other athletes, who at one point had completely accepted the “fact” that running a 4 minute mile was impossible were suddenly able to run a mile in under 4 minutes as well!! There was no barrier or limitation on running that fast, except for the barrier in the mind!!roger-bannister-4-minute-mile brandon byrge brandonbyrge bb

I am inspired by Roger Bannister for his ability to ignore the “im” on the word “possible”, and for proving to me, and to the entire World that the only boundaries and limitations in life are the ones in our minds!! Roger taught us an incredible lesson on going out and accomplishing what we want in life, even if it is “im” possible!!

Thank you Mr. Bannister and May God Bless You for what you taught us!!

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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