My Daughter Taught Me a Great Lesson

Without even knowing it, my Daughter taught me a very important life lesson as she shared with me the great peace that comes when we stop rushing; when we slow down to notice and appreciate the simple things in life; when we take the time to actually recognize and then enjoy the beauty that is all around us, all of the time, even in the smallest, most simple things in life…

230746_10200425380703201_417103731_nThis morning she asked me to get her a bowl of snow so that she could just sit there and in her words… “Look at how pretty and shiny it is!”

As I sat there watching her as she watched her little bowl of snow, and as I saw how much joy and happiness she found in simply looking closely at these beautiful, shiny, little crystals, I too was drawn into it’s beauty and I too became memorized by it’s stunning appearance just like my Daughter was. I finally saw as she saw and what I saw was true beauty! I was truly seeing through “new eyes“!

I will never forget what she taught me today and I challenge you to slow down, really look, and enjoy something beautiful right where you are!

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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