More than a Brother

In Loving Memory of Bryan David Byrge

God thank you for the blessing of my Big Brother; You gave me a leader who is like none other!

Bryan David Byrge Live BIG Brandon ByrgeHe lead me, he helped me, he showed me the way, To keep my chin up and live day to day; To face all my fears and trials with a smile; To endure my pains and push through that last mile; To honor my Priesthood and to be a good man; To listen, to pray, and to follow Your Plan!

He taught me to smile and laugh through my pain; He taught me to sing and to dance in the rain; He taught me to be honest, faithful, and clean; He taught me what being a man truly means!

A Brother he was but that’s not where it ends, In fact that’s simply where our relationship begins!

He’s my mentor, my role model, my ally, my teacher, My rock, my paragon, my champion, my preacher,

He’s my hero, my sidekick, my comrade, my guide, Now what will I do without him by my side..?

Though life is full of joy and pain; my life will now never be the same!

bryan-david-byrge-live-big-brandon-byrge-2Without Bryan’s laughter and smiling face, This Earth will NEVER again be the same place!

My hope now lies in the Plan of Salvation, knowing that we have an eternal relation!

That in spite of being apart right now, one day we will again be together somehow!

And that knowledge puts a smile on my face, It gives my heart joy and fills me with grace!

I long for that day to be with you in that place Where I can hear of your laughter and feel your embrace!

Love your little Bro!

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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