Michael Jordan Cut from High School Team

If I asked you who the best basketball player of all time was the first name to come to mind might be “Michael Jordan”! 

Michael Jordan High School Basketball brandonbyrge 1Michael Jordan has accomplished more in the sport of Basketball than anyone else in the history of our world! He set new records and accomplished things that were never before dreamed of! Take a look at just a few of the highlights from the extremely long list of Michael Jordan’s accomplishments! 

  • NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 5 Time NBA Most Valuable Player (Regular Season)
  • 6 Time NBA Most Valuable Player (Finals)
  • 3 Time NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 2 Gold Medals in the Olympics
  • NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year
  • NBA’s all-time leading playoff scorer with 5,762 points
  • Chicago Bulls all-time leader in scoring (29,277 points), assists (5,012) and steals (2,306) 

With so many incredible accomplishments and such a high level of success achieved you may think that Michael Jordan was simply born to be a great basketball player or maybe you’ll say that he was just naturally talented. While this could be true you may be shocked to find out that Michael Jordan was actually cut from his High School Varsity Basketball team!

Michael Jorda High School Basketball brandonbyrge 8Can you believe that? When Michael tried out for the Varsity Basketball team at Emsley A. Laney in Wilmington, NC he was told that he was not “good enough” to be on the team. The man who has accomplished more in the sport of Basketball than anyone else in the history of our world was not “good enough” to play High School Basketball..?

Well, not making the team was all the motivation that Jordan needed! In spite of this minor set back Jordan did not quit! He used this experience as fuel to motivate himself to work even harder and to push himself even farther and it truly paid off! Michael Jordan has inspired millions upon millions! He has left a legacy of hope and perseverance for the rest of us to follow in our own lives and goals! 

Take a moment right now and write down the things that you were told you were not “good enough” to accomplish. Now go out with a renewed energy, a deeper motivation, and a never give up attitude just like Michael Jordan did and you will be shocked at what you can accomplish! What will you do..? The world is yours! 

-By Brandon D. Byrge

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