Hey Teachers… You Are Pretty Darn Amazing!

I just wanted to say “Thank You” and send out my love and appreciation to all you Teachers out there! You are pretty darned amazing!Brandon Dean Byrge brandondeanbyrge brandon byrge brandonbyrge brandon.byrge Dean Byrge deanbyrge dean.byrge Professional Sales Career Teachers Teaching Inspiraiton Inspiring Blog Website Social Teacher Teaching

I am sitting here right now, creating a Quote for one of my Prospects, and found myself once again using my 5th Grade Teacher, Mr. Hatchett’s extremely effective tool… 

“Who, What, Where, When, Why, How” 

  • Who..?
  • What..?
  • Where..?
  • When..?
  • Why..?
  • How..?

Now I realize that my 5th Grade Teacher was not the original Author of this great tool, but in my mind he was the Author, is the Author, and he is also so much more! It’s interesting, I’m going on 40 and I can directly attribute many of the victories, much of the success, and even a lot of the happiness in my life to the caring, selfless man who inspired me, taught me, lifted me, and enlightened me so many years ago, all the way back to my 4th Grade Class at Harry S. Truman Elementary School! Thank you for that Mr. Hatchet! I love you! Not only have I found more success, and enjoyed a fuller life personally, I can even attribute a wealthier and more abundant Career to Mr. Hatchet and the others like him who shined their light on my path, who taught me how to dream, and who inspired me to be more than I currently was!Brandon Dean Byrge brandondeanbyrge brandon byrge brandonbyrge brandon.byrge Dean Byrge deanbyrge dean.byrge Professional Sales Career Teachers Teaching Inspiraiton Inspiring Blog Website Social School

Who would have known that listening to that ‘old boring man ramble on and on all day about nothing’ would have actually increased my income, made me wealthier, and brought me so much more success in my life and in my career..?!?! All the while I was sitting there worrying about how I could complete my Football Card Collection or devising a plan on how I could beat the next level on my favorite Video Game! If there was one thing I could change in my life it would definitely be to go back, all the way to my very 1st day of Kindergarten, I would have backpack full of blank note pads and pencils, and a HUGE smile on my face eager to learn as much as I possibly could from the countless lessons, gems of wisdom, and inspirational teachings that would so dramatically enhance my life!

It’s really quite amazing if you stop to think about the Teachers that have shined their light on your path, showed you new, higher paths, and gave you a push onward and upward! In fact, I would like to challenge anyone reading this to stop right now, think of at least 1 Teacher who impacted your life, or think of at least 1 Lesson learned that has made you better or blessed you and share it with someone else (Social Media, Email, Verbally, However you want!) in honor of that great Teacher who blessed you!

To Teachers EVERYWHERE… Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Your work, influence, skill, and abilities mean the world to the rest of us and are greatly impacting our World and enhancing the future for everyone on this Planet and for that you are Heroes, True Heroes, an inspiration to all mankind and a HUGE inspiration to me personally!

Thank you!


Brandon “Dean” Byrge

February 2016

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