Windows for Doors

Windows for Doors

(Blessings in Disguise)

Today after some reflection and mediation I have to boldly declare that I am so very grateful for the closed Windows and lost opportunities in my life! Sound crazy..?!? Not at all, take a moment right now and try to remember something terrible that happened to you!

Maybe you lost your job, maybe you went through a bitter breakup, your spouse filed the divorce papers, or maybe you lost something that you held very near and dear to your heart..? Can you remember a time like this..?

Now take a second to think about all that transpired after this Window closed. What happened next..? If you think long and hard enough about it, I imagine that you will come to a similar conclusion as me, and to the realization that this experience that seemed like such a bad break, horrible trial, or insurmountable problem was actually a HUGE blessing in disguise! This Window was being closed in your life solely in preparation of a Door being opened up unto you; a Door with greater blessings, more opportunities, and greater abundance than your previous Window of opportunity could have ever provided you with!Brandon Dean Byrge Brandon Byrge Dean Byrge brandondeanbyrge brandonbyrge brandon.byrge deanbyrge dean.byrge Windows for Doors Blessings In Disguise Writings by Brandon Dean Byrge

Losing your job was not a bad break at all, in fact, it was a HUGE blessing! That Window was closed so that you could step up into that freshly opened Door into a much higher paying role, into a better position, with more opportunity than your previous job could have ever provided you with! You were not being knocked down you were being bumped up!

That pretty girlfriend who you thought you couldn’t live without walked out of your life solely to make room so that a more attractive, funnier, more compatible woman could waltz into your arms and bring you much more happiness, more love, and more excitement than your previous girlfriend could have ever provided you with! You just traded up! 

God may close a Window solely in preparation of opening up a Door!

Windows for Doors..? Hell Yes! ANY and EVERY Day of the Week! 

 By Brandon D. Byrge

(February 2016)

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