What Can You Learn From Care Bears

What Can You Learn From A Care Bear..?!


I am sure most of you will remember the fun loving, colorful characters referred to as the “Care Bears“! If you take a moment to nostalgically think back onto this TV Show from the early 19care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-980’s you will most likely remember that there were several different characters (Care Bears) each with a special badge on their chest which prominently portrayed their general attitude towards life and towards other Care Bears.

For some reason ever since I was just a tike,  2 of these cute, little characters always stood out to me; Grumpy Bear and Funshine Bear. These two Care Bears and their unique attitude and approach towards life were exactly antithetical to each other! The attitude portrayed behind each of their special badges proudly portrayed on their chest were on absolutely opposite ends of what I would call the “Care Bear Attitude Spectrum”! 

Funshine Bearcare-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-4 is cheerful, upbeat, optimistic, and he simply loves to spread happiness and sunshine to others!

He has carnation yellow fur with a Smiling Sun on his special Care Bear Badge representing his constant upbeat attitude of positivity, his optimistic outlook towards everything, and his desired to spread cheer and happiness all over the place!

Some catchphrases you may hear Funshine Bear cheerfully shooting include “Share happiness“, “Here to put a little more sunshine in your day“, and “Share the love“! 

care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-2Grumpy Bear taught us that while it’s okay to feel a little grumpy every once in awhile, it is also silly to let grumpiness go too far! He serves as a reminder that being grumpy doesn’t help anyone and just makes things worse! His fur color is blue and his special Care Bear Badge is a dark raincloud with raindrops.

He is pessimistic, cynical, surly, and grumpy, hence the name!

Some of his famous catchphrases include “Blah-Blah-Blah“, “Get off my cloud“, and “Who cares“!

One Saturday morning way back in the early 1980’s I was sitting in front of the family television (TV) with a big bowl of Captain Crunch in front of me, ready to watch the latest Care Bear Episode. For some reason this morning really stands out to the forefront of my memory as these 2  2 specific Care Bears were the driving force behind this week’s new episode. As you can imagine their paths kept on crossing all throughout the episode and they together (and separately) faced many of the same issues, problems, and opportunities but as you can imagine their decisions and thus results were nearly polar opposites! care-bears-grumpy-bear-care-bear-funshine-care-bear-attitude-the-choice-is-ours-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-19Whether Funshine Bear faced a negative, positive, or neutral opportunity or circumstance he approached everything he faced cheerfully, with a positive, upbeat attitude that could only make you feel good! On the other hand Grumpy Bear was negative, down, and pessimistic all throughout this episode no matter what happened to him good, bad, or neutral!

As you can imagine the attitude, approach towards life, and general inner spirit that possessed each of the 2 characters became a simple, yet powerful reminder for my young mind which I have carried with me throughout my life and been a tool which I have tried to utilize as I face my life decisions, opportunities, and circumstances. My personal, inner challenge to myself has always been…


What would Funshine Bear (or Grumpy Bear) be thinking or doing?!



Am I approaching this the way Funshine Bear would or more like Grumpy Bear?!

Now, my question and challenge to myself, and to each of you is to stand in front of your mirror, give yourself the Care Bear Stare and ask yourself…

Am I facing life, looking at this problem, or approaching this opportunity the way optimistic, Funshine Bear would or is it more from the negative vantage point of pouty, pessimistic, Grumpy Bear..?!

Think about it! Attitude… The Choice is YOURS! 

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