“Brandon has great business intelligence. He is devoted to getting things done. He works well in collaborating ideas and always is willing to share new finds in sales that he has discovered.

He brings a liveliness to our organization and has created many new forms of prospecting within our company. Straightforward, he brings positive enhancement to his work environment!”

brandon-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-brandon-dean-byrge-professional-sales-career%e2%80%8b-sales-account-executive-at-healthcare-compliance-pros-hcp-healthcarecompliancepros-hcp-healthcare-hipaaDavid Warren
Sales Manager
Brandon Byrge Reported to David Warren

Sales Account Executiveefc-efilecabinet-e-file-cabinet-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-d-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrge-4
eFileCabinet, Inc.

“Brandon has no fear. We were all blown away at how quickly, even the first day, that Brandon started making sales.

I started recruiting Brandon at the beginning of our growth stage early 2014. I’ve never seen a more loyal person who has tried so hard to keep positive and to be a positive influence to those around him. Brandon went through many iterations of our program. We went from about 10 to over forty in the department and he kept reinventing himself to keep up.

I would hire Brandon again and again because he never gives up, is willing to keep reinventing himself and is loyal to the bone. Overall a great person to have when you’re growing a team.”

Brandon Nielsen, MBA Vice President of Sales SaaS Software eFileCabinet efc Brandon Dean Byrge Dean Brandon Byrge brandonbyrge brandon.byrge deanbyrge dean.byrge Professional Career RecommendationsBrandon Nielsen, MBA
Director of Sales
Brandon Byrge Reported to Brandon Nielsen

Bojabie Brandon Byrge 1Sales Manager
Bojabie SaaS

“Brandon is a special combination of social media genius and cold-call workhorse. He also has the right personality for sales – friendly, outgoing, personable.

Could probably sell anything to anyone and everybody would feel good about the transaction. He is a great employee and works well with everyone. 

I would highly recommend him in any sales or social media related assignment.”

Leland Boardman
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Brandon Byrge Reported to Leland Boardman

B2B Sales Account Executivebrandonbyrge-brandon-byrge-brandon-d-byrge-sales-selling-inside-sales-inside-selling-insidesales-insidesales-com-insidesales-1

“I absolutely loved Brandon’s drive, passion, and energy. As a Business Development Representative he was unchallenged in his ability to find opportunity, qualify it, and get that lead in the right person’s hands.

His attention to detail was stellar and his commitment to excellent work, second to none. Brandon was tireless in his follow-up with the closing team to ensure his leads were actively in-play.

My only regret is that Brandon is not a Business Development Representative on the team. I would actively endorse Brandon’s work performance and would actively seek to work with him again. I see Brandon as an asset wherever he lands.”

0c0162eMichael Critchfield
President of Sales and Marketing
Brandon Byrge Reported to Michael Critchfield

HIT Web Brandon ByrgeSales Manager
Heritage Web Design (HIT Web)

“There are few individuals with the talent and drive that Brandon has. He is a hard working and fun individual. He would strive in any environment.”

Greg WoodsGreg Woods
President of Sales and Marketing
Brandon Byrge Reported to Greg Woods

Qwest Communications Spirit of Service Brandon ByrgeRegional Sales Manager
Qwest Communications

“Brandon was a top performer and someone who was counted on within our organization to provide solid and consistent leadership for the entire sales organization.

Not only was Brandon extremely effective at both meeting and exceeding expectations but he was a product expert who was able to provide critical and important assistance to other team members. Brandon works well with customers and colleagues and is a dedicated and self motivated sales professional who helps make everyone around him better.”

Alan Reese
Sales Manager
Brandon Byrge Reported to Alan Reese


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 Marketing, B.S.
Marketing and Digital Marketing
Utah Valley State College
Orem, UT


  • Rookie of the Year Award
  • $1,000,000.00 Club “The Million Dollar Club” (Within First 4 Months)
  • Inside Sales “Sales Hall of Fame” (Top 10% in Sales for the Year)
  • Nation’s “#1 Sales Broker of the Year” Award (Lead Team of 5)
  • Year’s “Top #100 Sales Executives” List (Top 100 out of 2,600+)
  • “Top Sales Performer of the Year” Award (220+ Sales Professionals)
  • “Top Gun Sales Executive” (Top 20% in Closed Sales)
  • “Sales Elite Eight” Award (Top 8% in Closed Revenue)
  • Set Company Record for Most Revenue Closed in a Quarter ($182,800.00)
  • Set New Company Record for Most Revenue Closed in a Year ($513,704.00)
  • Broke 11 Year Company Record for Most Sales in a Year with 604 Sales (Record was 241)
  • Set a New Company Record for Most Appointments Set with Social Media
  • Broke a Company Record of 56 Appointments Set in 1 Month by Setting 81
  • Broke a Company Record of 8 Appointments Set in a Day by Setting 14
  • Recognized to being in the Top 10% in Sales for the Quarter (Multiple)
  • Recognized to being in the Top 10% in Sales for the Year (Multiple)
  • Awarded $10K for Finishing the Year #1 in Sales (120+ Employees)
  • Named “Top Sales Producer for the Year” (1st Year with the Company)
  • Averaged $3,100.00+ a Day Against a $1,500.00 Quota
  • As Sales Manager, Lead Team in Selling $11,600.00 and 17 New Customers in 48 Hours
  • Ranked #1 in the Company in 2007 for Most Sales Closed for the Year
  • Ranked #3 in the Company in 2008 for Most Sales Closed for the Year
  • Ranked #1 in the Company in 2009 for Most Sales Closed for the Year
  • “President’s Club” (Multiple Times)Presidents-Club
  • “Eagle Scout Award” (Troop #6613)
  • “Eagle Scout Mentor Pin” (9 Times)
  • “MMA State Title” (Utah’s 2005 Mixed Martial Arts State Title)


Brandon D. Byrge is Highly Endorsed in Sales and Marketing with 100+ References and Testimonials from C-Level Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents (VPs), Directors, Supervisors, Colleagues, and Clients.

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