Boy Scouts of America
Spanish Speaking Scout Troop

Served for 3 years as the Spanish-Speaking Scoutmaster of a group of Latin American Scouts (Ranging from 11-18 years of age). These boys were brand new to Scouting. I facilitated weekly meetings, monthly camping trips, and quarterly Court of Honor Events. With the help of my assistant Scoutmaster, volunteers, and Scouts parents, we were able to accomplish great things with these young Scouts.

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“I had the opportunity to work with Brandon Byrge for two years in the Scouting Program. As the Scoutmaster of the Spanish Speaking Branch, he constantly showed not only patience and compassion while working with those young men, but demonstrated management skills enabling us to achieve our goals while building in the boys the needed feeling of self-worth for their accomplishments. 

When I was called to work with Brandon in the capacity of Committee Chairman, I soon learned that he was someone I could always depend on. I never had to worry about his part of the responsibility being accomplished; he always did more than his share and made me feel good about the support I was giving him.

I would highly recommend Brandon for any position requiring dependability and responsibility. He has the good judgment and skills to make the proper decisions in sometimes difficult situations. I would gladly work with Brandon again in whatever capacity. He has my full endorsement for whatever undertaking he attempts in the future. He has the drive and character necessary for success, and would certainly be of benefit to any organization.”

Jack Lauritzen
Assistant Scout Master | Retired (Government)
Brandon Byrge worked with Jack Lauri

n-o-v-a-principles-program-paradigm-brandon-byrge-recovery-addiction-drug-drugs-brandon-byrge-brandonbyrgeELITE PACK
Principles Team

The N.O.V.A. Principles program teaches powerful & comprehensive lessons that goes far beyond other programs. The curriculum includes lessons that help youth and parents deal with Drugs, Gangs, Accountability, Making Good Choices, Anger Management, Internet Safety, Self Esteem, Bullying, and Media issues. Click the button below to learn more.

The mission of N.O.V.A. is: “Nurturing youth to seek out positive Opportunities, internalize good Values, and to accept Accountability for their choices in life.  N.O.V.A. assists parents, families, and communities in protecting youth from the potentially devastating effects of illegal drugs, violence, and negative media exposure.

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Humane Society of Utah Volunteer Brandon Byrge Britni Byrge brandonbyrge britnibyrge byrge bbyrge career background overview volunteer workSPECIAL EVENTS VOLUNTEER
Humane Society of Utah
K-9 Crew | Kitty City | Adoption | Boarding | Training

K-9 Crew, Kitty City Crew, Outreach Adoption Events, Special Events, Training, Boarding, Socializing, and Fostering of large and small animals for the Humane Society of the Utah. Foster dogs and cats in need of special care until they can be adopted and participate in adoption events.

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LDS Tech
Local Chapter

Local Technical Chapter for an International Non Governmental Service Organization assisting the Organization with its technological advancements and training members of the Organization and the general public alike, how they can best utilize the Organization’s newest, most advanced, online technical tools.

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDSSERVICE MISSIONARY 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2 Year Full Time Service Mission Volunteer

Served as Missionary and District Leader over other Missionaries, full time, for 2 years for an International Non Governmental Service Organization. I lived and worked in both La Libertad, El Salvador and Chicago, IL. U.S.A.

“I have know Brandon Byrge for over ten years. We met as we worked together as missionaries for the LDS Church in Chicago, Illinois. Brandon proved himself there as a hard working, consistent, diligent, and honest worker. He got along very well with his fellow-missionaries and with all the people he worked among in Chicago. He was well liked and respected as he gained the skills necessary to be effective and applied those skills seven days a week in his missionary service over a two year period. 

Since then I have seen Brandon as a husband and father who works hard to provide for his family and seeks to give them the best life has to offer them. He is a very loving husband and father. I have no qualms about giving Brandon my complete vote of confidence and my highest recommendation. I know that wherever he works, he will work hard and be loyal and honest with his employer. I would be happy to speak to a potential employer about my recommendations for Brandon.”

Gordon B Holbrook Gordon Holbrook LDS Mission President Missionary Brandon Byrge brandon dean byrge
Gordon Holbrook
Mission President
Brandon Byrge Reported to Gordon Holbrook

Coach Brandon Byrge brandonbyrge Brandon Dean Byrge Professional Career Volunteer American Preparatory Academy APA Girls Junior High Jr High Basketball Coach 1HEAD BASKETBALL COACH
American Preparatory Academy
Junior High Basketball Coach

Head Coach of the Girl’s Junior (Jr.) High School Basketball Team at American Preparatory Academy (APA) in Draper, Utah, U.S.A.

International Non-Governmental Service Organization
Spanish Speaking Interpreter Translator

Volunteer as an Interpreter Translator in the Spanish language for an International Non Governmental Service Organization, assisting it’s members in weekly meetings and occasional conferences. Have been working with this organization for a little over 20 years.


English Native or Bilingual ProficiencyYo Hablo Espanol 2

Spanish Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Brandon D. Byrge is Highly Endorsed in Sales and Marketing with 100+ References and Testimonials from C-Level Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents (VPs), Directors, Supervisors, Colleagues, and Clients.
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